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K-Beauty Academy

is an academy specialized in makeup education including makeup, semi-permanent makeup, hair styling and nail art in Korea, and have trained tens of thousands of K-BEAUTY MAKEUP specialists for many years. In K-BEAUTY ACADEMY, professors from famous universities in Korea teach students who are bestowed a certificate by Jeju International University of Korea and the Certificate of K-BEAUTY ACADEMY graduation when they finish their course. Based on such an education system, we open the first K-BEAUTY ACADEMY course in Myanmar which is emerging as a central country in Southeast Asia. K-BEAUTY ACADEMY provides the courses in Myanmar for the latest K-BEAUTY TREND which is a highly profitable business in beauty salons in Southeast Asia, for example China, India, Thailand and Vietnam. You can learn the latest Korean K-BEAUTY STYLE in Myanmar from the professors from the best Korean universities.

K-BEAUTY ACADEMY branches in the world

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Various K-BEAUTY ACADEMY courses start now

K-BEAUTY ACADEMY is opening various K-BEAUTY courses including hair styling, makeup, and nail art as well as semi-permanent makeup procedures to be a business partner with course participants.

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What is semi-permanent makeup?

It is Contour Makeup. It is a makeup technique, not typical tattoo, and a kind of cosmetic technique for enhancing targeted designs of your face to remain for a long time. It lasts from 1 to 3 years, then gradually fades and disappears. Therefore, it is not a permanent makeup, like tattoo.

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Differences from Tattoo

Semi-permanent Makeup



1 to 3 years Effect Permanent
Face (eyes, eyebrows, lips) Application Whole body areas
Possible to add or retouch After application Impossible to change
Natural pigment Pigment Ink
Many colors /natural Color Black/strong
No Change of color Blue/green
Almost no Potential allergy High
Very low possibility Infection High possibility by repetitive use

Basic Semi-permanent Makeup Course and Curriculum




D1 Basics of semi-permanent makeup Skin structure and functions Introduction to Color Science Theory and practice of semi-permanent makeup Demonstration of Embo-Sooji Combo technique
D2 Embo eyebrow shape sketch Practice of using rubber plate & sponge plate
D3 Using digital eyebrow machine Practice of using rubber plate Hygiene and management of semi-permanent makeup Makeup theory of semi-permanent makeup specialist
D4 Completion and prize giving ceremony K-BEAUTY seminar


Professors of Korean universities and CEO of Korean beauty salons


Color Makeup professors of Korean universities teach is a technique of injecting fine pigments into your skin by using high-tech digital machines. Everybody can be a specialist through step-by-step training from basic skills to the advanced techniques.

CLASS 1 - Natural Eyebrow

Eyebrow for changing your image

With natural eyebrows not affected by sweat or water, Upgrade your image clean and tidy.

CLASS 2 - Eyeline

Secret of eye-catching eyes

Create sharp and natural eyelines safely with no pain.

CLASS 3 - Lip Makeup

For pinky lively lips

Color your lips with volume to create lively lips.

Meet the best semi-permanent makeup in the world in Myanmar.

1. The director of the world-class Korean is doing it himself.
2. Experience the latest makeup trends in vogue in Korea directly.
3. Use only safe Korean colorant certified by KFDA.
4. Use only Korean No.1 brand digital machines.
5. We will treat you with the latest technology of Korea that the world learns.

Only stick to the best products.

We use only colorants certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration and certified by the German Derma Test for the best safe products. It does not contain any environmentally harmful substances that cause cancer.

Dedicated pigment for digital machines

Embo exclusive coloring


Reason for participating in K-BUEATY ACADEMY

Ad put in newspaper and magazines
We support advertisement of K-BEAUTY franchisees by putting advertisement in newspaper and magazines in Myanmar.
Best Academy
The only opportunity for learning K-BEAUTY techniques by best instructors of Korea and getting degree certificates.
Best K-BEAUTY Style
You can learn latest advanced K-BEAUTY trends of Korea.
Facebook Marketing
We support your marketing for attracting customers for semi-permanent makeup procedure by continuing advertisement of K-BEAUTY franchisees through Facebook marketing.
We will provide best contents of Korea, for example, fashion, food, POP, etc. as well as beauty techniques.
Affordable Training Fee
This is the best opportunity for local training in Myanmar with the half cost of training fee charged in Korea.
High Profitability
You cab have the best return if you start the semi-permanent makeup business in the early stage because the market is being established now. The semi-permanent makeup price is globally high.





Date Open every Monday, 2 weeks programme
Eligibility Everyone interested in beauty
Fee $2,000 Just this once 40% D.C $1,200
Venue KBA Myanmar office
Inquiry 099-7822-6815 / 092-5263-1046
Marlarmyaing Codo. No 531/C2,Room .No 812,8 floor, (8)Ward,Marlarmyaing Year Thar Street ,Kamayut Township.Yangon.
#103, Sungbo B/D, 580, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea | +82-10-9282-7079

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